Trivia Game to Play at Seder Dinner


Seder, the celebratory meal before Passover begins is really a holiday that involves the entire family, especially the children. It’s a time to teach children about their religion and the significance of the Passover holiday. Because this is one Jewish celebration that occurs at home rather than a synagogue it’s the perfect time to involve children in a little game that will help reinforce Jewish traditions.

Play a little game of trivia by asking the following questions. You can even involve some of the adults to see if they’re as clued in to Jewish tradition as they should be. 

What significance does Matzah have on Passover?

What do the four cups of wine signify during the Seder meal?

What does Charoset signify or represent?

How many plagues were there and can you name them?

What is the Afikoman and its significance?

Who is the extra cup of wine for on the Seder table?

What is the name of the Jewish text which explains the story of Passover and is read at Seder?

Passover is known by three different names, can you name them all?

Add your own questions to this trivia game or for more fun, whoever answers the first question gets to ask the next one and the game gets passed around until everyone is stumped or you run out of questions.

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